Back to Life is now SOHMA Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Michelle Litzinger, DC is relocating and has entrusted Back to Life to her fellow Lakewood High School alumnus and colleague Dr. Daniel Hoover, DC, LAc, CCSP®.

Dr. Hoover and his team are dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Back to Life Integrated Medicine and honoring Dr. Haygood, the original founder.

What should you expect?

The office will slowly transition its name. Dr. Hoover intends to build on all the great things that have been established with this practice. Schedule an appointment, come meet the new practitioners and doctors, and help us give a warm send off to Dr. Michelle!

We look forward to continuing to provide exceptional patient centered care for you, your families, and the community. Check out our Mission, Vision, and Core Values that are now posted in both our Long Beach and Lakewood offices. 

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